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As tech-lovers and education experts, we created the ultimate learning experience mixing traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology.

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Stamp a wooden piece on the tablet’s screen and let the magic happen!

Start to learn counting, reading and writing with these beautiful interactive wooden toys for tablets.

The press loves us…

“While plenty of iPad apps already exist, the introduction and interplay of physical blocks elevates the experience into something that lasts.”
” Marbotic has blended old-fashioned edu-play of wooden letters and numbers with today’s ubiquitous screens. “
“Who said educational toys are boring ? We promise that children will love these toys !” 

…and teachers too!

“I was already using the 10 Fingers app to count, but with the appearance of emergent linguistic diversity in kindergarten in the new programs, I use it even more because it has the enormous advantage of being in several languages. Students love it and learn while having fun. »

Karine G. – @CpM2m

“I have a kindergarten class and Marbotic’s apps are part of the children’s daily activities. Thank you to the whole team for being so close to the needs of the kindergarten classes. Big congratulations!”

Marie Desbré – @trilolet

“What attracts me and delights me the most with Marbotic’s apps is their (intelligent) links to physical reality. Thank you for having chosen to collaborate and communicate with teachers to understand their real in-class needs.”

Véronique Favre – Kindergarten, Paris 

Smart Numbers 

 Learn to count with these 10 beautiful wooden numbers and 3 educational apps inspired by Montessori method.


Smart Letters

 We designed an awesome educative toy that combines 3 apps and 26 wooden letters to help kids to learn reading and writing.


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