Popular questions

Where can I find the Marbotic apps?

Please visit the store from your tablet and download the desired apps:

Are the wooden toys compatible with my tablet?

Please have a look at the list of compatible tablets. The list is updated on a regular basis !

Where can I buy Smart Numbers and Smart Letters?

Directly from our website. Please visit the store!

Are new Smart Letters/Numbers apps currently under development?

Yes, we are constantly developing new apps and features to continue supporting children in their learning. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information!

How can I clean the toys?

Simply wipe gently with a wet cloth. If necessary, use a little bit of mild detergent. Do not soak.

Are the connected toys safe for kids?

Smart Numbers and Smart Numbers work without WiFi, Bluetooth or batteries. They are passive pieces powered by the static electricity of the body. This makes them both very reliable and safe for kids.

Are the toys safe for tablets?

Every wooden block has 3 soft pods on the back that are gentle to the tablet and do not scratch the screen.

Do the toys contain any harmful materials?

The toys are only made of wood, metal and conductive plastic. Every material has been chemically tested to be safe.

What testing have the toys undergone?
The toys have been thoroughly tested, and comply with US, Canada and Europe safety norms (EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3, ASTM F963-11, SOR/2011-17)
How to turn on the sound when using the apps?

First, open the app and tap on the music note in the lower left corner to activate the sound.

If there is no sound after that, there are two ways to solve the issue:

  • iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 1, 2, 3 :

Deactivate the mute mode with the mute button next to the volume buttons.

  • iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 and more:

On your screen, open the settings banner by swiping with your finger from the bottom-up.

After that, switch off the bell icon to unmute.

Technical Issues

I cannot play with an app. There’s a bug or it freezes, what should I do?

Do not hesitate to update your device if there is an available update. Based on your feedback, we are constantly improving our apps to provide you the best user experience possible.

My child has lost or damaged one of the toy pieces. What can I do?

Please contact us and we will send you a replacement piece.

I did not find the answer to my question. What can I do?

Please contact us directly through the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Setting up Marbotic toys

1. Download the apps

Please visit the store from your tablet and download the apps!

2. Unlock the apps by applying on the screen three numbers or letters requested.

Don’t forget to hold the numbers by the metal handle!

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